Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 26: Natalie's Guide to the Uffizi

I really love going to museums. Getting lost in art is, to me, such a voyage into humanity. But after a few hours, especially in places like Italy where it's all (or mostly) about the plight of Christianity, I start get a little frustrated.

Today the Uffizi in Florence, I noticed that there's always someone looking at the camera (art history people, I'm sure you can explain that,) or near to the right of the picture, who seems to have something to say. So I started making up theories on what that was.  

I know I'll probably either burn in hell or be hated for this by someone. I honestly mean no offence. I truly believe Jesus was an awesome dude. But this was really fun. 

"Oh my god, J-Dawg! We've been here for hours!"

"Guuuuys...  He's doing it again."

"You're still here?"

(This guy is just checking to see if that hot chick is watching)

 "I've got a lot going on with work right now. And I'm not looking for anything serious."


Okay, that's it for me. Did I mention it was Day 26?

If you have better captions for any of the paintings, please share them. 

with love, marble and renaissance,


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