Monday, September 16, 2013

Updates! Travels! Wales! Sweden!

I've been doing my weekly Saturday posts over at 365 Attempts, but not posting here, because I was off on a very amazing month-long adventure, and also, it was summer. So you've been like, "where did she go?" And I've been like, "why can't it still be July? What do you mean, alarm clock? What are pants?"

Which means that, order to do a swift and efficient catch-up, I'll fill you in in one dazzling and riveting post-with-lots-of-links. 

Since we last met over here, I have:

1. Interviewed Eddie Izzard and met Jennifer Lawrence. Sort of. Well, no, sort of really. Oh hell, just read about it, will you? 

2. Gone to Sweden. Really! You might remember my Sweden-dwelling friends, Ella and Sven, and their children, in order of birth: Baby-on-the-Floor (aka Nils,) The Blob and my godson. Well, you probably didn't know he was my godson, because last time I wrote about him he was still a fetus. Now I have blessed him (with chardonnay) and he is headed for a life of magic, brilliance and tacky postcards.

Anyway, my visit with the Swedes was a week of love, shrieking, singing, dancing and barf - and you shoulda seen what the kids were up to! Just kidding! They don't sing. More about Week One of the trip here

3. Gone to the England and Wales, where I, in chronological order but not blogging order: met up with old friends, drank a lot of wine, found myself in Middle Earth, got lost/found thanks to Led Zeppelin, met with more old friends and drank a lot of beer. Adventure into the realm of Weeks Two, Three and Four here, here and here.

4. Written about this

5. And, because I found myself at a total loss for words am so introspective, wrote about this.

There's other stuff, too: I went on a trapeze! And, um... was introspective! But instead of linking, I'm going to urge you to get your behind over to 365 Attempts, and check out some of the fine posts my collaborators have put up as well. Because they're really talented folks! And because the project is almost over! Jesus. 

Still in denial about being back in reality but wishing you a happy fall nonetheless,


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