Tuesday, May 8, 2012

phone call with my husband, on his way to the dentist

Me: Hello? 

Husband: Hey.

M: Hey.

H:  I’m calling because I just wanted to tell you, I had a revelation this morning.

M: Oh, really?

H: Yeah.  I realized that this is all we got – this life is all we got, and I’m glad I’m spending it with you.

M: You only realized that this morning?

H:  No!  No.  I just… you know when something hits you?  All of a sudden?  I just felt thankful for you.

M:  I feel thankful for you every day.

H:  So do I!  Listen, I shouldn’t have called it a revelation, because that makes it sound like it’s the first time it occurred to me.

M:  That’s right.

H:  It was more of a deeper feeling of appreciation.

M:  What brought it on?

H:  I don’t know.  Maybe the peace.  Maybe watching you sleep.  I don’t know.

M:  Well, thanks for saying that.  I’m glad I’m spending my life with you, too, even when you piss me off.

H:  Sorry, you cut out for a minute there. What did you say?

M:  I said “I’m glad I’m spending my life with you, too.”

H:  You said something else at the end.

M:  I said, “Good luck at the dentist.”

H: Oh.  Thank you.

M:  You’re welcome.


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