Friday, February 10, 2012

unsolicited advice friday

1.  Take a bulletin board, wall, or empty surface you can look at.

2.  Find a photo of yourself as a kid that reminds you how crazy, light-hearted and fearless you used to be

3.  Put it up

4.  Look at it as often as possible.


  1. OMG! I had the SAME bathing suit. I used to tan through the stripes and I'd have stripes on my body! Good times...
    Dude - such a good idea! I will do this on the weekend :) xo

  2. Not so sure. Life is just getting better and better, I'm happier now than I was as a child and I have never been fearless. So what do I put up instead?

  3. Thanks Dude. And Erik, I don't know... maybe a drawing of you dancing a gig on your 100th birthday? I'll be there, gin and tonic in hand.