Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am not my hair

The day I wrote about losing my hair, Tony had come home and found me in front of the mirror in tears.  Later, I'd said, "I don't know what to blog about today."

Sometimes, we struggle and wrestle with something so often, we don't even think to share it.  Maybe we don't think other people will give a shit, or assume our worries are small and petty and unimportant - not to mention, embarrassing.

After writing that post, I got a note from a friend whom I consider to be stunning, saying she struggled with the same thing.  I got words of support from people I didn't think would care about such things - including one beautiful, incredible friend who has just kicked ovarian cancer in the ass.  She lost all her hair, and her eyebrows. 

Since that day, I've felt much lighter about the whole thing.  Maybe that's what happens when you share a struggle with the world - no matter how unworthy you deem it to be.

Another friend sent me this video, which I love. Let's none of us be our hair, or any of our other body parts.

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