Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"Here is the repulsant snozzcumber!’ cried the BFG, waving it about. 
"I squoggle it! I mispise it! I dispunge it! But because I is refusing to gobble up human beans like the other giants, I must spend my life guzzling up icky-poo snozzcumbers instead!"

Tonight I decided, for reasons I cannot grasp, to find a list of all the fizzwhizzling made-up words in the BFG, my top-5 (really) Roald Dahl book of all time.  I searched around on the Internet for a while, and finally found this post.  Put up yesterday.

 The world is just a flushbuckling place.

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  1. I agree. What a great idea! I'd like to incorporate some of these words into my conversations...