Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Love

Today, two blogs I had the fortunate to come across last week.  One hooked me because of this post.  Remember how I was talking about imperfect relationships?  This woman is definitely part of the club, even though she doesn't know it.  She's also a recovering addict.  Favourite lines include:

If you are thin and smile a lot, people tend to believe that you have the universe’s secrets in your pocket and also that a raindrop has never fallen upon your head. If you also happen to be wearing trendy jeans…

At the playground that day Tess decided she wanted help and love more than she wanted me to think she was perfect.

'As a formality, I just have to ask if you’ve ever been arrested.' She never called me back. It’s hard to explain it away as only five times.

She inspires the hell out of me, and a lot of other people.

A closer-to-home discovery is Beaubiquitous, a blog whose writer, Erica Ruth Kelly, posts about one positive/beautiful thing every day.  Her posts are sweet and some are really goddamn funny.  Examples:

Would I make it? Would my frostbitten body be found in a snowbank somewhere because I'd accepted an invitation to tea? What if the bus was hijacked and now dozens of people had been taken hostage like in "Speed" but the bus driver couldn't stay at 50 mph because s/he got stuck behind a snow plow? Did I have to be such an alarmist about everything? Why did I need to worry so much? Why can't my movie references be topical?


I don't have a smartphone. I have a moderately-intelligent-but-doesn't-realize-its-inner-strength-because-it-feels-like-it'll-never-be-good-enough phone (I'm assuming its low self-esteem is why it often chooses to cut off text messages that are over 140 characters; it can't handle the pressure).

Go.  Read.  Enjoy.

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