Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Conversation with my Mother

Me: I have a new favourite British comedy called Miranda. It's so amazing, it's about this woman whose mother -

Mom: But I thought you didn't have TV.

Me:  I don't. I download it.  Although I'm so obsessed with this show that I actually bought both seasons on DVD.  Anyway -

Mom: How do you download it? Don't you need a special thingie for the computer?

Me: No, I just watch it on my laptop. Or sometimes I plug it into the TV to watch.

Mom: Is it easy to download something?

Me: It depends.

Mom: Oh.

Me:  Anyway, in the show, her mother is always -

Mom: Oh, I know that special plug thingie!  I think your brother told me about that.

Me: Yes, he probably did.  Can I tell you about the show now?

Mom: Did you see this coat?  Very nicely made.  Beautiful fabric.

This one's for you, Mom.


  1. Wait a second! Do we have the same mother?

  2. Oh my god that was funny. Thank you.

    And I have had similar conversations with my mother and my in-laws. Basically now that I have kids I live in fear of someday becoming this person. Leaving relevant blog comments is good practice I think.

  3. Shawn: I hope not... for your sake. Clara, no kids yet, but I feel the same way.

  4. Oh! You're watching Miranda, too? She's great! Just saw her being interviewed the other day on a rerun of the Graham Norton Show.