Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PFO Sighting and The Gazette

I got an e-mail this morning from a woman named Bella, who, along with her husband, is launching one of the most genius products I've ever heard of.  It's called a PFO, which stands for Protective Fashion Object.  It's a bracelet which is connected to a GPS tracking device, which is then connected to your social network or a security service. If you're in a dangerous situation, you pull the bracelet, and it sends a text message to three people of your choice.

It also happens to be seriously stylin'.

They are just launching the PFO now, and already have an insane Facebook following (over 125,000) which is pretty amazing, given that no one actually owns one yet.

The couple was inspired to create the bracelet because they have three daughters, and were becoming more aware of the dangers women face living anywhere in the world.

By the way, PFO unofficially stands for Please F*** Off.

Bella read my H&M letter and wanted to know if we could help each other out.  I was thrilled, and even more thrilled when I spoke to her, and she turned out to be super sweet and lovely.  Isn't it weird how the world works?

So stay tuned for more on the PFO.

The Gazette also printed my Op Ed piece on this same topic today, that I wrote before the WSJ stuff.  Here's a link.

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