Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opinion (a definition)

It's been quite a day, and quite a week.

I've been told that what I wrote was a cry for attention.

I've been called an idiot. I've been called pathetic.  I've been told to get a life.

A major media news outlet has taken my words out of context, and suddenly, I am saying that H&M is glamorizing rape.  I said no such thing.  Who in their right mind would try to glamorize rape?

There are too many comments and questions to respond to individually, so I will respond to them here, but not tonight. Tonight, I want to say:

If you want to send me insulting tweets or write disrespectful comments on my blog, that's your right. But to save us both energy, I ask that you first recall that this is my opinion, based on my impression, from my experiences.

If that's not what you read in my letter, read it again.

I'm not judging you, or your clothing.

I'm not judging where you shop, or what you do with your time.

I'm not assuming anything about your life.

Consider extending the same courtesy to me.

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