Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

            the Huffington Post

           And me.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Hope it's filled with food, family and joy. See you on the other side.

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  1. Hello!!! First of all -happy holidays to you too & Happy New Year btw. This comment probably isn't proper for holidays felicitations, however... Read you opened letter to H&M and totally adore you!!! Wow, you totally rocked them, you made action & reaction, and that's the point!!! I have already left you a comment under "open letter"post and would really like you to read it. And now, when I read H&M's director reaction and context and her message - ~doesn't matter what's the point,it's only matter that it's TREND and it's COOL??? WTF??? Liesbeth's Punkesque clothes will never be trend, poseurs who'll by this collection will be recognized as sissies, not as fashion conscious ones, and noooo, that's not cool at all!!! You haven't changed my mind because I thought the same before I read you open letter, but you definitely made me never go into H&M store again! Honestly, whenever I'm inside H&M store, I feel like I'm the selling item too.
    P.S. C&A, Forever 21, Gina Tricot, Topshop,...are a lot COOLER than h&m....And who cares for Nadine(or whoever), you're the one who made reaction!!!Thumbs up!!!