Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a short conversation with Mama Greek

Mama Greek: We miss you!

Me: I, uh, miss you, too.

MG: We see you soon. Maybe this Sunday?

Me: Um, this Sunday is our anniversary, so I was going to take Tony out for dinner.

MG: I KNOW it's your anniversary! You not want to have dinner here? Why not?

Me: (Speechless)


  1. MORE of this please!!! I hear you post things on Facebook instead of here. Not a wise choice, I'm sorry to say. I am here all the time hoping for a new posting. Is there posibly a mailing list I could sign up to so I don't have to go in here without finding anything.

    How is the book coming along?!?! Is it as good as you postings here? Can't wait to see you this winter. Love erik

  2. This may be a long shot Erik, but would you consider adopting me?

    I'll look into the mailing list idea.

    I can't wait to see you, either.