Monday, March 22, 2010

if you're looking for me...

...I'm over here right now.

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  1. Dearest Natalie,
    I hope you keep well. I just read your interview to Stavros Theodorakis, in "TA NEA" and got shocked! I really don't know what to say first: You had that awful experience with that beast and now you feel unprotected by the justice! Please keep strong and NEVER GIVE UP!!! This criminal has to be in jail, although I'm afraid that he will remain criminal, no matter how many years he will stay behind the bars! He seems to be absolutely sick!
    I remember some 30 years before a Greek lady in Zakynthos (I come from that island and used to go there for vacation) asked me to go with her to the police because, the night before, during she was a little bit drunk, she got... raped! There, the officer told her: "I would do the same if you 'd appear in front of me dressed like that"! Do you believe it? Looking at my reactionhe tried to make his phrase "smoother", but he finally offered no help at all!
    Natalie, I can imagine how you feel. It's terrible to be afraid to walk alone in the streets! But, after all, don't keep shadows in your soul. YOU ARE THE WINNER! Criminals exist everywhere and always. You (we) have to feel stronger and stronger to fight them. Greek Justice has problems, I know. I have spent days and days there, trying to find solutions to some problems and my conclusion is that, some times, you have to be guilty to feel OK! If you are an innocent victim they make you feel unprotected! They make you feel alone! So, many criminals stay unpunished and their victims just waste time and money.
    It's so good you have the support of Helsinki Watch.
    I'm also journalist and these days I try to prepare a site ( about all these malfunctions of Greek society -even if some will hate me for this- hoping to be helpful in some cases.
    My dear Natalie, please believe that you have many supporters, no matter if they write messages to you, or they don't. Today many of us got shocked reading about your experience, yesterday we had been shocked watching, on the news, some military officers shouting dirty racial chants (is it the right word?) against Albanians, last weeks and months we also got shocked listening about public employees and officers who stole public property and still remain unharmed and free etc. We surely live in a state of crisis and continuous shocks! The only hope to make things better is to behave like you: Resisting! I hope your bad experience will make many people thoughtful and more sensitive.
    Please accept my warmest wishes for you and your family.
    Takis (Panagiotis) Latas